Interviews, ahoy! Scott Westerfeld & Average Intelligence Podcast

For those of you who know me well (or even not so well), my current Day Job is in sci-fi publishing. And with that comes some great opportunities. Last year, I interviewed Cherie Priest at Dragon*Con. More recently, I sat down with Scott Westerfeld at the gorgeous King’s Carriage House in New York City for a one-on-one chat about his Leviathan trilogy:

In addition, tonight I participated with several other notable steampunks in Average Intelligence’s podcast. For those who had missed out, you can still listen to the whole thing here.

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4 responses to “Interviews, ahoy! Scott Westerfeld & Average Intelligence Podcast

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  2. Ooh! Fantastic stuff. I can’t wait for the art book!

    Would you mind if I re-posted this video on my blog? I would link back here of course. I’ve recently blogged about using sketching as a method to visualise aspects of your own novel, and this would link in nicely, I feel.