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Detcon1 & San Diego Comic Con Schedule


Over the next two weeks, I’ll be convention-hopping across the country.  First up is Detcon1, which is doing some amazing things for the sci-fi and local community. Afterwords, I’ll be hitting up the Mecca of all Geek Cons, San Diego Comic Con working at the Tor Books booth and appearing at the Witty Women of Steampunk panel. Details are below.




The League of Extraordinary Black People – 12 PM – Mackinac West
Multiculturalism has become a hot topic in the XYZ-punk community. How does this impact creators and their work in Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Alternate History? What issues arise in moving toward a more diverse retrofuturistic community?
Panelists: Emmy Jackson (moderator), Balogun Ojetade, Salathiel Palland, Pablo M.A Vazquez III

[I can assure you that I am the token non-black person on this panel.  :) ]

Dealing with Bad Apples – 2 PM — Ambassador Salon 2
Trolls, creepers, or just plain jerks. We’ve all encountered them at cons and online. Panelists discuss tools–like comment moderation and harassment policies–for keeping foul and prejudiced people from chasing others out of our community spaces, events, and organizations. And what to do when “they” are “us.”
Panelists: Steven H Silver (moderator), Tim Miller, Mark Oshiro, Jesi Pershing, John Scalzi

Steampunk Style — 3 PM — Duluth A
What makes a costume “steampunk”? What props do you need to do it right? Why is steampunk the hottest costuming craze right now?
Panelists: Janine, Balogun Ojetade


What Am I Looking For? — 12 PM — Mackinac East
Agents and editors talk about the sorts of projects that interest them individually and answer general publishing questions.
Panelists: Self (moderator), Richard Flores IV, Kate Baker, Neil Clarke, Sam Morgan, Bryon Quertermous

Welcome to Night Vale: What You Should Know About It – 3PM — Mackinac East
Turn on your radio and hide. Our panelists share their love for Welcome to Night Vale, the viral podcast drama that combines surreal humor, human relationships, and weird creeping horror into a delightful community radio show. If you know Night Vale, come. If you don’t know Night Vale, come and bring your friends. There will be no hooded figures.
Panelists: Anne Harris (moderator), Rachael Acks, Bill Sutton




Witty Women of Steampunk
The Witty Women of Steampunk — Friday, July 25 at 2:30 PM – San Diego Convention Center, Room 24ABC
Come join us for this witty panel, now celebrating its 3rd year at San Diego Comic-Con International!
While the Victorian era was known for its constraints on morals, behaviors and bosoms, steampunks have turned things on their head by reimagining a history that never was. Women creators have loosened those traditional corset laces and have begun to explore multiculturalism, science, sexuality, class politics and much more. Come join us for this always lively third-year panel as we explore just how liberating the age of steam can be with witty women Anina Bennett (Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel), Ay-leen the Peacemaker (Editor for & Tor Books),Claire Hummel (Bioshock: Infinite), Robin Blackburn (The League of S.T.E.A.M.), Sarah Hunter (Steampunk Model/Performer), Sheyne Fleischer (The League of S.T.E.A.M.), and moderator Dina Kampmeyer (Lady Steam Designs).

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Updates: New Books & New Conferences


Click to order on Amazon.

Exciting news everyone, which as news tends to do, comes in threes.

First of all, Steaming into the Victorian Future is now available in trade paperback! Now instead of paying $100+ for this collection, you can get the trade paperback for less than $25. This is the very first academic collection of steampunk essays, and, for those interested in helping this scholarship grow, please purchase a copy of the book. I’m being honest here — we have been very grateful for the support our publisher as given the editors Julie Ann Taddeo and Cynthia Miller by creating this low-cost edition, but in order for steampunk academia to continue, we have to show support with our wallets as well. If you are interested in writing or teaching about steampunk for the classroom, consider adding this to your bookshelf.

Already, this book has earned some great press from the Academy and the SFF community.

Winner of the 2013 Peter C. Rollins Award in Popular Culture Studies

Steaming into a Victorian Future looks at the potential that steampunk has to be a contributor to social change through consideration of its past and present. This collection is vast in its scope, critically evaluating ‘texts’ from an array of genres from the past, present, and future of this literary movement and its surrounding subculture, and is as valuable as an introduction to steampunk and its possibilities as any of the fiction collections available.” (Monsters and the Monstrous academic journal)

“The English major in me just finished up dancing a little jig. I always enjoy reading essays on steampunk, but there are essays… and then there are essays. Oh, yeah. I enjoyed it. Every. Single. Page.

If any fellow steampunk fans out there want some solid validation of our favorite genre and its literary effects, this is your book.” (

In other news, Steampunk World is on its way to the presses soon, you can check out the Table of Contents posted on SF Signal.


Finally, I’m excited to say that I’ll be attending the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, an annual academic conference about SFF in Orlando, Florida. I won’t be presenting, but there representing the Tor Books crew, since the theme this year is “Fantastic Empires” and Guests of Honor line up include Nnedi Okorafor, Ian McDonald, Istvan Csicsery-Ronay (Scholar), Jr., and Brian Aldiss (Emeritus).

A summary of what to expect at the conference:

From space operas to medieval tales to seminal works of fantasy, imaginative fiction abounds in fabulous empires. ICFA 35 will investigate the widest range of topics relating to empire, including discussions of particular texts, analyses of the hegemonic and counterhegemonic forces of empire, evaluations of individual resistances to imperialism (and of empires striking back), and assays into various other aspects of the theme. We welcome proposals for scholarly papers and panels that seek to examine, interrogate, and expand any research related to empire and the fantastic.

Authors, agents & academics interested in meeting at the conference, feel free to contact me! I’m really looking forward to this. ^^


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Upcoming appearances: Anatomy of Steampunk, TeslaCon & Eastern Connecticut State University


I have some convention reports overdue — namely, I’d like to take New York Comic Con to task, the good and the bad — but I’m waiting until the full media coverage of my panels from NerdCaliber comes out before posting (so readers can get the full experience!)

But until then, giving a shout-out to a few more events I’ll be at before 2013 ends.

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Dragon*Con, ahoy!

A brief post to update y’all about my schedule for Dragon*Con this year. I’ll be attending as a professional guest and presenting as part of the Alternate History Science Fiction, and Silk Road tracks. This will also be my second year representing Tor Books at the convention — if you are an author/agent and would like to make an appointment to see me during the convention, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My schedule is below — hope to catch some readers there!

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Watch City Festival this Weekend


Convention alert! This weekend, I’ll be presenting at Watch City Festival as part of their Academic track. You can find me at the Author’s Den at the following times:


11 – 11:45 AM :  “Steam Around the World: Steampunk Beyond Victoriana” – My standard panel about multicultural steampunk, tweaked and upgraded.

12 – 12:45 PM:    “Steaming into a Victorian Future” Panel with Prof. Catherine Siemann and Prof. Cynthia Miller

We’ll be discussing the recently published steampunk anthology Steaming into a Victorian Future, and all of the intellectual critique that goes on in the steampunk, and what trends we see in the current community.

3-5PM: Birthday Toast at Watch City Festival! at The Mad Raven.
Need a breather from Watch City? Going in for a late lunch? Need an excuse to booze it up? An informal get-together to celebrate an early birthday with those who are attending Watch City Festival. I’ll be there, chilling for a couple of hours after my panels and would certainly enjoy your company!


11 – 12:45 PM:  “Envisioning a Better Steam Society” My other standard panel to discuss the historic problems of the 19th century into today and what we can do about them.I’ll also be tweeting and tumblr-ing my adventures too, for those who can’t attend. Otherwise, I hope to see some familiar faces at a panel or for a pint.

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Steampunk Empire Symposium this weekend!

Already have my bags packed for my early morning flight to Cincinnati for the Steampunk Empire Symposium. My schedule is under the cut — hope to see some of you guys there!

I’ll also be on tumblr and twitter throughout the event, so you can follow me there!

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Gearing up for 2013: A Steampunk Convention Listing on

Gearing up for 2013: A Steampunk Convention Listing

2013 is the year to get ready for some pseudo-time-travelling, what-if wanderings, and speculative festivities of the dapper variety. I have a list of 39 steampunk and steam-friendly conventions and one-day events from around the world, gathered with help from Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador.

Since new steampunk cons spring out of the gearwork every so often, if I had missed yours, please drop a comment (and email me about featuring it for my monthly steampunk events roundup).

All descriptions taken from the convention website or Facebook page.

[Read on]

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2012 in Review

World Map, 1799

World Map, 1799. Click for source.

Oh, 2012, what a year you have been.

Got my Master’s? Check.
Got academically and commercially published? Check. Check. Check. (You can even find my publications on EBSCO and references to Beyond Victoriana in articles on JSTOR!)
Toured the country as a guest at over 10 conventions and special events, including the premiere of new conventions OctopodiCon & Steampunk Empire Symposium as well as returning as a professional guest at Dragon*Con and an official panel at New York Comic Con? Check, multiple times.
Gotten bowled over by the recognition for the work that Beyond Victoriana has done? Check.
Returned to curate’s Steampunk Week for a second year in a row? Check.
Connected with an engaging and intelligent group of fans from around the world? Undoubtedly, so (and thank you!)

Beyond Victoriana’s been active on many different levels. This year, BV created a Tumblr to signal-boost outside content related to history, fashion, sci-fi, technology, and notable PoC (today and yesterday).  There’s also Facebook if you prefer.

As the blog turns toward its fourth year, I’m considering major changes to how the blog will be run in 2013. The details are in the works, but stay tuned. For a bit of fun, below the cut are some stats about Beyond Victoriana from the web-minions at WordPress, and a sneak-preview of what’s up for 2013.

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TempleCon Pre-Reg is open until December 31st!

TempleCon 2013
Attention con-goers and gamers everywhere– this February I will be a guest at TempleCon, the premiere retrofuturistic gaming convention of New England, presenting with friend of the blog Muse En Lystrala (who is an accomplished singer, web & business consultant, and artist working to support humanitarian causes) and performing with The Copper Claw, as well as offering my own panels. Today and tomorrow are the last days you can pre-register for the event. Other featured guests include Paul Di FilippoLeanna Renee Hieber,  Ego Likeness, Psyche Corporation and many more!

The con chairs of TempleCon always run a tight ship, with constant improvements and services to enhance the con experience. This year with your pre-registration, you can also sign up for a spot in any of their panels, demonstrations, workshops, and activities in advance! See below for what I’ll be offering and sign up with your membership.

Character Assassination
Bookish Biopunk
‘It’s Alive!’ Frankenstein as the Father of Biopunk
DIY, DNA, & Dystopia
Minorities and Alternative Cultures
LGBTQ in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Steam Around the World: Steampunk Beyond Victoriana
Women in Steampunk
Envisioning a Better Steam Society: Social Issues & Steampunk
The Copper Claw vs. The Garment Eating Microbes!

You can pre-reg here.

And join their FB page here 

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Dragon*Con Preview: An Interview at the Steampunk Chronicle

A quick note before I fly off to Atlanta for Dragon*Con: Wilhelmina Frame and I sat down for a long Skype interview about the role of politics in steampunk fashion and art. Below is a snippet from our interview, but you can read Part 1 of 2 here on the Steampunk Chronicle.

WF: I want to focus specifically on the United States, because I think there are different things going on depending on the locality of the players. How do you think the American Steampunk scene is interpreting Neo-Victorianism in reference to these concepts?

DP: It’s very interesting that you say American Steam because I also think that there are a lot of Steampunk observers who think that Steampunk is exactly the same; that the scene has the same ideas and groups all over the world, which I definitely don’t agree with.

WF: Nor do I.

DP: Exactly. Whenever I write about Steampunk I specifically say, “I’m writing with a North American focus or particularly an American focus.” It’s so easy, especially because of the internet and how quickly information can spread, to make assumptions about a global community just from one person talking from one particular standpoint. What I think is very interesting about American Steampunk first of all is that the Steampunk subculture started off as a subculture in North America and not in the UK. I’m sure there are Victorianists in the UK and that there certainly was a proto-Steampunk scene there that existed contemporary to whenever American Steam started. But I think that particularly in America, it had influenced the formation of a subculture in a dramatically different way than it has in the UK and that perspective is the one that has been popularized in the media.

American culture has a long fascination with Anglophilia so it’s not surprising that we’re all into the Victorians. Also, because American culture has a long-standing fascination, there has always been a British “Other” versus the American identity. Whether it’s the bad guy from Die Hard or The Beatles or those people who called us “Those Damn Yankees!” America has always had this interesting self-reflexive relationship with itself that is connected with the fascination of England and English culture. American Steampunk, on one hand, does have that Anglophilia obsession. With the growth of the Steampunk community, what Steampunk has been doing as a general trend, is turning away from Victorian England, and becoming more focused on what is important in local culture. This is not just for Americans but also for Canadians, Mexicans, Latin Americans and other European countries. Of course, there is still a fascination with Victorian England but people more and more are becoming more interested in their own culture and in what was happening during the nineteenth century for them.

Dragon*Con Preview: Politics and Fashion with Alt. History Track Guest, Ay-Leen the Peacemaker (Pt. 1)

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