Pssssst…. welcome…

When I started blogging about multicultural steampunk, I never knew how big this project was going to become, and so decided to create a more formalized home for Beyond Victoriana on the web.

So here is the “soft-opening” for the re-booted, re-vamped home for Beyond Victoriana. The official announcement isn’t up yet, so if you’ve stumbled upon this website from the aethernets, I congratulate you on your adventurousness.

All the old archives are here and will still be available on LiveJournal & Dreamwidth. However, going forward, this blog will be the only home for Beyond Victoriana.  For the latest updates, I recommend that you sign up for the RSS feed or even our mailing list on the sidebar.

For those who follow via DW, LJ, MySpace or the Steampunk Empire, teasers will be available on those sites, but commenting is only available on this site (please read the comment policy.)

Over the next few days, I’ll be continuing the transition to this new space, and make the official announcement for the weekend of March 14th, during which by then I should have things mostly settled.

Please mind the falling virtual plaster during the transition. ^-^

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