#26.5 SPWF Reading Resources & Guest Blogger Line-Up!

Another place I should have visited at SPWF: The Shady Emporium, specializing in parasols and Eastern steampunk. The proprietor of said establishment sits for his photo. Image courtesy of Jaymee Goh. Click for link to The Shady Emporium on Facebook.

In a follow-up to the Steampunk World’s Fair post, a few selected links for additional reading about the topics discussed:

Jaymee Goh’s Silver Goggles 101 Reading Materials – A great resource for newcomers to the social justice issues of privilege, cultural appropriation and race that was discussed during our panels, plus more.

And check out the Silver Goggles’ Con Report too!

And of course, check out the Index for more information on the people featured during the Steam Around the World presentation.

Recommended Victorian History Sites

Edwardian Promenade
Victorian History
19th Century
The Victorian Web

For even more debate on steampunk social issues, subculture, literature, media and more, I have to mention The Great Steampunk Debate, going on until June 30th.

And now, on an administrative note, below is the upcoming posting schedule for the next few weeks. In the midst of travel plans and major articles in the works (for a hint about one of the posts that is to come, click here), some wonderful people are stepping up to fill in with guest posts.

May 23rd – “The Pan-African Movement” by Sandrine Thomas

May 30th – “Harun ar-Raschid and the Golden Age of Islam” by Jaymee Goh

June 6th – “Native Americans & Technological Adaptation” by Michael Redturtle

June 13th – “Anti-Racism in 19th Century Britain” by Sandrine Thomas

June 20th – “A Primer on Weird West” by Noah Meernaum

UPDATED: My string of guest bloggers have been extended by another week! Now this can be a real month of guest bloggers. Exciting!

June 24th – 27th I will be at PortCon in Portland, Maine with my fellow ruffians-at-arms. Hope to see you there!
Sadly, there has been a change of plans. I will not be able to make it out to PortCon this year, but I know Whisper & Cap of the SS Icarus will be there in force. Drop them a line and say hi!


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