Upcoming Events: Another Anime Con & Brooklyn Indie Mart

Running from one con to the next, I will be at Another Anime Con in Nashua, NH this weekend with The Wandering Legion of the Thomas Tew (WL).

I’ll be helping them out on a bucketful of panels throughout the weekend. Check out our schedule below:

4PM Steampunk 101 (WL)
8:30PM Steampunk in the Media (WL & BV)

5 PM Creating Steampunk Props and Costumes (WL)
10PM Social Issues and Steampunk Roundtable (BV)
Surprise time! (TK) The Deadliest Game (WL & BV)

Noon The Gentleman’s Duel (WL)
1 PM Steampunk Star Wars (WL)
3PM Steampunk Beyond Victoriana (BV)

And then the following weekend, I shall be reading at the Brooklyn Indie Mart’s Steampunk Day at Tor’s Literary Corner on October 24th. Come at 1PM to be regaled by selections from Scott Westerfeld’s Behemoth (steampunk!Istanbul anyone?), and click on the link to see all the other wonderful writers & performers who will be there too.

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