#62 Cala Mondrago, the Steampunk Oasis–Guest Blog by Akidami Swift with Bianca Namori

As many know and some who may not know, Secondlife has been one of the top multimedia social platform since it’s release in June of 2003. It’s said that people can reinvent themselves, discover dreams, play games, and of course, make a little money. You want it, SL has it! So why would it be such a shock to have such a fun, fantastical steampunk desert world? Personally, it’s the infamous world of the “Sims” on steroids of amazing measure.

Enter Cala Mondrago, a sim (plot of land in Secondlife), named and designed after the ancient culture of the Moors. The name “Cala Mondrago” comes from a city within the island of Majorca, a location full of life, color, splendor, and creativity. All things that sim owner Bianca Namori wishes to foster.

As you “login” to the virtual world you see very familiar faces of ancient builds, cultures, and even some more technical aspects. Adobe houses with fuse boxes tied to them powering rooms of amazingly simply, yet elegant lighting designs, airship towers with brass-work spires to let the travelers of the neighboring worlds undock, and of course, the exciting addiction to coffee houses litter the harbors ways. You have the chance to obtain a job within “Mondrago” and work your way up from a basic citizen to a higher official within these sandy seas!

Upon discussing things with the young sim owner (young as she’s only been in Secondlife or SL for a few months), you’ll find out that it’s an everyday “Learning process! I can’t decide one minute or another if I want the harbor to be mostly shops, or to be a mix of residential. But what’s so nice is that I have a great team of people at my back and within my (group) to make this all worth while!”

But don’t think that building “houses” is the only possibility for the Mondragons (people native to Mondrago) have been up too. Various clothing that you wouldn’t think would even be considered able to have a “Steampunk-esque” twist can be found everywhere on the streets. SandSurfers, single person moveable ships are also part of the play within this realm of roleplaying good times! There’s even been talk of clockwork camels littering the sand dunes with dastardly daring marauders on their backs.

“There’s a lot of possibilities within the Steampunk Community of Secondlife should you wish to find them,” she states, “Should you want traditional European-style steampunk, independent State of Caledon and The City New Babbage can give you just that! Want something more Mecha and Metals, Steeltopia is the place to be! Zaney and Wacky but also very exciting? Head up to Steelhead! But forever so humble, there’s no place like the desert for me!”

Themed sims are often hard to maintain and good ones hard to come by, but Mondrago seems to be doing fairly well, and the basis of the sim, is rather decent in itself. “I want Mondrago to help bring forth an example of the rich culture of the Moors back then within Secondlife that the Moors had in Real Life,” she goes on to explain,“where we live, breath, and bounce ideas of our home off one another in a way we are all challenging our creativity and enjoying each others company.”

Bianca’s’ hopes and dreams do include owning 5 sims, ensure that those who want to help create a world and or culture. Each sim would all fall within the desert theme but each has their own purpose. A sim for fighting and building, another for an intense underground maze, (designed by avatar MichaelD Manonnen), others for a HUGE Stone and Steam mecha, and the list goes on and on.

“There’s a lot to be done, and a lot of goals said, but one thing is for sure, it’s full steam ahead!” Bianca says merrily.

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Akadami Swift aka Jacob Mitchellis an antagonistic roleplayer within the virtual world of Cala Mondrago and Secondlife. He enjoys reading, writing, and rallies that focus people to push their characters, and fight with wit AND brawn.Bianca Namori is a steampunk enthusiast both in Second Life and the Real Life. Her “typist” is at the age of 24 years old. She loves promoting and coaxing people to venture into the more uncharted realms of steampunk.


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