Shorty Awards News, New Facebook Page, Upcoming March Shenanigans

Only a few more weeks until Nova Albion’s Steampunk Exhibition: The Wild, Wild East.  I’ve been following their website for the latest updates and have been discovering more and more to look forward to.

Have you checked them out yet?

Moreover, I will be filming at this convention for the Day Job, and will be hanging out with Gail Carriger, Cherie Priest, James Ng, Paul Guinan, Anina Bennett, Jaymee Goh and more! So if you’re there and aren’t camera shy, come & find me.

After the jump, read more news from the Shorty Awards, the Alternative Living Expo, AnachroCon, an unveiling on Facebook, and a preview of March events & special features.

Thanks to everyone who voted for The Shorty Awards. Because of your support, we have won third place for #steampunk. Congrats to my fellow top two winners, Captian Robert of Abney Park (@CaptianRobert) and Kevin Steil the Airship Ambassador (@AirshipEmbassy). Follow them both if you aren’t already. ^_^

Facebook is the next new feature for this blog. I’ve stayed away for a long time from Facebook because, well, I had no idea what I’d use FB for in relation to the blog. Then, I realized that the links, tips & recommendations that I usually post as linkspam roundups is perfect content for a Facebook feed. With Beyond Victoriana’s Page, readers will be able to share & interact more, follow our latest blog updates and we’ll able to share all those additional tidbits that we get.

Check our Facebook page here.

March Preview:

March 8th, 2011 marks the 100th year anniversary of International Women’s Day. Beyond Victoriana will be contributing a feature about the history behind this holiday, along with our usual updates and coverage.

On the con scene, we’ll have reporters from AnachroCon in Atlanta, Georgia, and at the Steampunk Industrial Revolution in Nashua, New Hampshire.

“Off the docket” I will also be attending the Alternative Living Expo March 5th & 6th. Hope to see some friends of the blog there!

We’re still interested in contributors for these reports, so if you’re going, let me know. And, as always, if you want to write about your steampunk convention to be featured on Beyond Victoriana, I’m always open to new proposals.


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  2. *jealousy over The Wild Wild East*

    Congrats on third place.