Convention Extravaganza: Steampunk Industrial Revolution

Steampunk Industrial Revolution is New Hampshire’s first steampunk convention and proclaimed to “revolutionize the way we steampunk.”

Austin Sirkin opens up our reports with his discovery of a landlocked boat in the middle of the hotel; the musician Eli August gives the low-down on his experiences at the con; Miriam Rocek brings her attendee perspective; Matt Delman, chief editor of Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders reports from behind the panelist table, and modder & tinkerer Geoffrey Smith of Thee-Gartisan Works talks about the con from a vendor’s side of things, including meeting other awesome modders and artists at the con, what’s the name of his favorite gun mod, and the hot little item that everyone was wearing at the convention. Christopher Hayes (aka “The Haze”) provides video coverage, and Geoffrey, Jessica Lilley, and Nate Buchman also feature their photos from the event.

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The Reports

Austin Sirkin

“A pirate ship?! What!”

Those were literally the words that went through my mind when I was exploring the con hotel for Steampunk Industrial Revolution for the first time. Okay, it wasn’t actually a pirate ship as it wasn’t flying the Jolly Roger (or any variant thereof), but it was a double-masted ship nonetheless, and it was parked squarely in the middle of one of the hotel’s ballrooms.

Read more in “Yo ho ho, and a Bottle of Steam.”

Matt Delman

My day on March 25th went something like this — wake up at 3:45 am, go to work for 5:30 am, leave work at 2:30 pm and then drive an hour north to Nashua, New Hampshire, to participate in the first Steampunk Industrial Revolution. Held at the Holiday Inn on Northeastern Boulevard in Nashua, Steampunk Industrial Revolution was a fantastically busy cornucopia of awesomeness.”

Read more in “Presenter’s Take on the Steampunk Industrial Revolution”

Miriam Rocek

This year, I attended the first Steampunk Industrial Revolution in Nashua, New Hampshire. I hope it to be first of many more to come; it was undoubtedly one of the most fun-spirited conventions I’ve ever been to. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, full of enthusiastic, welcoming people, brilliant musical acts, and fascinating panels and discussions.

Read more in “Steampunk Industrial Revolution”

Eli August

I can only speak from a performers standpoint as to my experience at the Steampunk Industrial Revolution, bear that in mind for all I am going to say. I don’t want to give you the impression that this review will be some kind of elite “behind the scenes” vantage-point of the event, but it totally is! :p

Read more on “Jamming at the Steampunk Industrial Revolution.”

Geoffrey Smith

The Steampunk Industrial Revolution was a number of firsts for me: my first all-steampunk convention, my first convention doing the free repair service for Thee-Gartisan Works, my first time entering a steampunk art show, and my first time on a panel. Overall, it was a whirlwind, going straight through the whole weekend from the moment I put on the kilt, to the moment I walked to my the car the last time, a flurry of socialness and swagger, of music and dance, of fashions and gadgets.

Read more in “Remembering the Steampunk Industrial Revolution”.

The Video

Filmed & produced by Christopher Hayes. Christopher is a freelance artist & designer with extensive experience in graphic design, video post production, motion graphics and web design. You can check out more of his work on

The Pictures

Jessica Lilley is a freelance photographer, mixed-media artist, avid con-goer and Steampunk enthusiast. She lives in Bedford, MA with her husband and 3 adorable ferrets. Stay updated and learn more at: Alter the Earth.

Emperor Norton’s Stationery Marching Band intercedes on a panel

Steampunks gather at the Imperial Red Fork Empire photoshoot.

The newly-crowned Queen of Steam stuffs their stuff

Wyck & Honor Amongst Thieves perform death-defying stunts

Austin Sirkin, A Count Named Slick Brass, Lucretia Dearfour & Leanna Renee Heiber on a panel

Nate Buchman is a digital photographer from Boston, MA with a BA in Theatrical Design and a minor in Communications. He’s a bit of a pop culture nut, loves tea, and can’t seem to stop listening to Daft Punk as of late all thanks in no small part to Tron: Legacy.You can view the rest of his photos from the event on Flickr.

Capt. Edward von Arkham on the Bounty, the pirate ship in the middle of the hotel bar.

At the fashion show.

Red Fork Empire Chess set shot, featured in the SIR art show.

Bellydancer Tempest holding her dancing workshop

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