Upcoming Conventions: The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition & New York Comic Con

One more week until the Great New England Steampunk Exhibition! Congrats to the winner of our ticket raffle

Sonya M. of New York!

Many thanks to everyone who had contributed to the Rising Phoenix Fund. Readers may have noticed that we have extended our final deadline for the fundraiser, since we still have a couple of opportunities to raise money for the Fund. There is Tea & Revelry at the ModVic House coming October 8th, 2011 — with tickets still available!

Additionally, at TGNESE, I’ll be paneling and selling buttons all throughout Friday and Saturday of the con. I’ll be doing a whopping ten events there– be sure to check them out

Friday, September 16th

Envisioning a Better Steam Society: Steampunk & Social Justice Issues – 1 PM – Harvard Room
Beyond Victoriana staple!

The Deadliest Game – 2 PM – Harvard Room (at least, that is where it shall begin…)
*In-character event* Working in league with The Wandering Legion, come join us for the most fatal game known to man…

Steampunks of the World Unite Phootshoot – 7 PM – Lounge
Bring your cameras & dress in your (multicultural steampunk) best! A photoshoot & social mixer for steampunk travelers from all walks of life.

Race Matters in Amestris:  Multiculturalism in Fullmetal Alchemist – 8PM – Princeton Room
Debuted at Anime Boston, I’m now bringing back my panel about how one of the most popular steampunk animes address race relations. We’ll be covering the manga, the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist & FMA: Brotherhood, and the film Fullmetal Alchemist: the Conqueror of Shambala.

Saturday, September 17th

Steampunk Around the World: Multicultural Steampunk – 11 AM – Harvard Room
The panel based on Beyond Victoriana — the one that started it all…

The Outlandish Tales of Baron von Lahey –  1 PM – Harvard Room
Fundraiser for the Rising Phoenix Fund & 4NIC8 H8. Come and be enthralled by the made-up adventures of Baron von Lahey. Audiences get to vote for the best tales.

The Meiji Era: A Japanese Industrial Revolution – 2 PM – Harvard Room
Historical overview of the time period when the industrial revolution rocked Japan.

GBLT Rights Rally – “4NIC8 H8”  in sponsorship of F*CK H8 3 PM – Outside
Guest Speaker
Hosted by Steampunk Emma Goldman! A demonstration in favor of equality for GLBT individuals, in society and under the law! We will discuss the issues facing GLBT people in the 19th century, the present day, and the steampunk community, as well as raising money for GLBT causes. Speakers will include Steampunk Emma Goldman, Lucretia Dearfour, Pablo Miguel Alberto Vasquez, and more! Music by Painless Parker

Political Activism & Steampunk – 4 PM – Princeton Room
Guest Speaker
Hosted by Steampunk Emma Goldman! If we can fantasize a better world, how can we use our imaginations to change it politically?

Women in Steampunk – 7 PM – Gardner Room
A discussion about female characters in steampunk literature and media. Are women in steampunk “feminist” or “traditional” in accordance with Victorian social roles? How about in today’s lens? We’ll talk about how women are represented and portrayed on various steampunk books and films, and give advice about what makes a female character believable, whether she’s a sky pirate, a countess, or a chimney sweep.


Next up will be New York Comic Con, where I will be there doing press for Tor.com. I’ll be walking the flooring, interviewing folks, and investigating panels. Hope to run into readers there!

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  1. Wish I was going to see you at the TGNESE! Thank you for your blog and all your work. x