Tumultuous Travels Around a Steampunk’d World in Scott Westerfeld’s GOLIATH

In Goliath, Scott Westerfeld’s action-packed conclusion to theLeviathan trilogy, war is thundering across the globe and everyone is determined to stop it. Alek, the drifting prince — and secret heir to the Austrian-Hungarian empire — thinks that his position is the trump card that can end the fighting. But he’s not the only one with a plan. Westerfeld takes us on the final leg of Alek and Deryn’s international escapades to meet up with steampunk’s most famous (and possibly mad) scientist, Nikola Tesla. And you see, Tesla has his own special device, a contraption that could change the face of global politics for years to come… or just simply destroy the world…

[Never trust a perspicacious loris to keep its mouth shut. Oh, and spoilers ahead. Read the rest on Tor.com]


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