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This is only tangential to Beyond Victoriana, but since this is steampunk-related, I’m making the announcement here as well as my personal blog.

Last week, I received word that my responsibilities at have changed, and I will no longer be responsible for maintaining Steampunk Facebook and Twitter feeds. I will remain, however, on-board as’s blogger for all things steam-worthy and thensome.

I’m saddened by this news, especially since I highly enjoyed seeing both Facebook & Twitter grow exponentially since I was first given the responsibility last December. But I also know that the publishing industry is going through some belt-tightening times. It’s an understandable and ugly reality in this economy.

Nevertheless, I look forward to continuing my working relationship with as I’m involved in the steampunk community. Beyond Victoriana, of course, isn’t going anywhere (and you can follow on Facebook too!).  Additionally, I’m working on a new venture with Tor to spotlight steampunk events & announcements and am still interested in press releases for anything steampunk-related for consideration to post on The steampunk links will still be coming via my personal Twitter at writersyndome. Press releases and publicity outreach can be sent to me at

Thanks, everyone, for your understanding & support through this transition.


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8 responses to “Changes with

  1. So sorry to hear this — it’s been such a great resource! (In addition to your own personal awesomeness!)

    Are you forcing me to get a Twitter, is that what you’re saying? 😉

    • I’ve established so many additional resources and networks I almost think its a loss that I won’t be able to share them 24/7 with Tor! And we’ve been in talks about other ways to involve the steampunk community news directly on the Tor blog, which, actually would benefit everyone 🙂

      I cross-post things to Facebook anyway, so I think you should be good for now (though I would follow you back if you got a Twitter ^-~)

  2. Things change. I’m glad you’re still the steam voice at Tor and look forward to reading your posts!

  3. Well, that’s disappointing! I greatly enjoyed your steering of the steamship, so to speak (*ggg*), and your voice within the Tor-osphere will be missed. But I look forward to the next phase in BV.

    • It is, but I’ll still be around Tor. And you can always start RTing me more on my personal Twitter for things steampunk et all.

      In the meantime, I *do* have interesting plans in mind for BV for 2012; after the New Year, I’ll be doing a general call for posts for some very specific things, so watch your email.

  4. Shannon

    I have enjoyed and looked forward to your newsletters and I’m sorry to see it go. I hope your new position is fulfilling to you! Thank you for all of your work.