The Anachronism 4.5 Tonight

A brief announcement to throw my weight in promoting an NYC event tonight to help support one of the key event coordinators here in the area: Gil Cnaan. I first met Gil several years ago — a tall, bearded fellow always with a sense of humor and a pair of goggly eyes on his top hat — who has always been welcoming to people in the community. He’s currently being hospitalized and so several artists, including Voltaire, Platform One, and Psyche Corporation are gathering together to play & raise money for him at The Anachronism 4.5.

From their website:

Our beloved longtime artistic director, Gil Cnaan, is currently in the hospital with heart failure. Gil has worked pretty tirelessly to support the Steampunk, Gothic, and Geek communities. We want to to give something back.

“Dracula Meets The Clockwork Man” was created to honor all of those communities, and to fundraise for Gil’s recover…and, importantly, to throw an absolutely fantastic event and party. This is NOT just a benefit – we’re not asking you to come out just because it’s a good cause. We have an absolutely incredible lineup of shows; we have an amazingly friendly wandering cast; we have some fantastic and unique cocktails; we’ve got some spectacular artwork on display; and we’ve got death-defying sense of fun. Our friend Gil has spent the past decade creating amazing shows; we can honor him best if we make an event that you’re going to flat-out love. So those are our twin goals.

If you are in the area, hope to see you there!

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