Support OctopodiCon, the Steampunk Convention with an Academic Bent

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A quick post to signal-boost one of the conventions I will be attending this fall: OctopodiCon in Oklahoma City.

In my experience, what makes steampunk cons so interesting is how they are constantly trying out new ways to engage with their attendees. TeslaCon is immersive, Steampunk Empire Symposium has their Airship Games, Steampunk World’s Fair is more of a music & performance festival nowadays, and what excites me about OctopodiCon is its establishment as a “steampunk university.” Attendees will get student badges and have the opportunity to attend one of the eight areas the con offers to earn their “degree in steampunk” by attending lectures, performances, shows, and contests, with tracks from the intellectual to the practical to family-friendly.

You can help support their premiere convention by donating to their Kickstarter. This is a flash fundraiser event, with only two weeks to contribute, so every little bit helps!




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