BV4 Giveaway: Button Me Up Steampunk Set

Button Me Up logo

The first giveaway this week comes from Button Me Up, who are offering a quality set of nine steampunk buttons. Because what says steam more distinctly than an octopus in a top hat and what screams punk fashion more than sticking random things on your safety-pinned striped vest or tucked into your bowler?

Button Me Up Steampunk set

Their description:

“This set includes the following buttons: Mustache and monocle, a gentleman octopus, Sherlock Holmes, I Gear Steampunk, Got Googles?, powered by tea, gear, clockwork heart, and clockface.”

Also check out their tumblr and like them on Facebook.

Comment on this post before midnight EST on February 19th in order to enter.


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36 responses to “BV4 Giveaway: Button Me Up Steampunk Set

  1. Beverly Stuart

    Awesome buttons! I’m throwing my hat in the ring for a chance to win. Or whatever the expression is. Thanks!

  2. Monty

    I love these! I, too, am throwing my cephalopod into the ring!

  3. I am just hoppin’ up and down whilst waving my arms frantically!!! 🙂

  4. Chris Ahrendt

    Throwing my Bowler into the ring…

  5. Those are fun buttons! I LOVE the “powered by tea” one! 😀

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  7. Alden Ash

    Smashing pins! Please count me in!

  8. Chloe Smith

    I cannot contain the amazingness of these buttons! Oh wow 🙂 I so hope I win! *Crosses fingers in more hope* 🙂

  9. Samantha McLaren

    These are adorable, and would look just dandy on the lapels of my waistcoat ^^

  10. These would make awesome bridal party additional gifts for my wedding.

  11. I am powered by tea, it is true. I could use that button to prove it.

  12. Marina

    So cute! A great addition to any collection or buttons!!

  13. Karen

    So cute! I almost wish I still carried a backpack to school so I could cover it with buttons!

  14. Ellie F

    Absolutely lovely set!

  15. Button, button, who’s got the button?

  16. These are way too cool!!

  17. Robert

    Nice buttons! Let me win some! 🙂

  18. Bill McIninch

    An intriguing selection. Perfect for the staff of our wireless station.

  19. Very nice! I could definitely see these as pieces to add highlight on an outfit.

  20. These buttons are lovely! I really like the Sherlock Holmes one!

  21. Button, button, who’s got the buttons?

  22. Mike Moe

    Me likey!

  23. These are super cute! The tea button is my favorite.

  24. Love these! The octopus is my fav.

  25. Karen LeMieux Erickson

    These are lovely!!

  26. Love the buttons. More, More, I say!

  27. cryptotox

    Adorable! Someone will be very lucky to receive them!

  28. Wooo hooo!! Loves me some buttons XD

  29. jennifer

    love these! great variety!