BV4 Giveaway: James Ng Posters

Ng PrintsPhotoArtist James Ng has rocked the steampunk world with his Imperial Steamworks series, which envisions an alternate world where the Industrial Revolution began during the Qing Dynasty in China. His imaginative vision, dynamic use of color, and attention to detail has always blown me away, and now you have a chance to own your own print.

I’ll be giving away prints of the Imperial Sheriff, the Crystal Herbalist and the Imperial Airship. Three winners will be chosen for this giveaway!

Comment on this post before midnight EST on February 19th in order to enter.


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30 responses to “BV4 Giveaway: James Ng Posters

  1. I do adore your art! ❤

  2. really beautiful,,,love his attention to detail

  3. Oh please tell me you are not limited to US only….

  4. Marina

    Everyone wants pretty posters

  5. Monty

    Who does not wish to own superlative art? I certainly do!

  6. steam1912

    Those are totally bad-ass!!!

  7. Doug Babin

    Love the Airship! But all Ng’s work is awesome.

  8. I LOVE Ng’s work!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  9. Robin Krause

    Ooooh, all of those’re so GREAT ❤
    Ugh I love them.

  10. This is awesome art work, detailed and expressive. ^^ Admirable artist!

  11. Elizabeth

    An amazing artist and beautiful work! Happy New Year – Year of the Snake!

  12. Mia

    Beautiful artwork, I would love a print for my wall!

  13. I own the complete collection and all I can say is that it is awesome 🙂

  14. Beautiful artwork! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  15. Kristopher Reisz

    Those posters are gorgeous.

  16. vitupera

    Beautiful! I’d love a chance at one of these.

  17. Mike Moe

    Love his work. Want so much.

  18. Amazing artwork, inventive ideas…love them all 🙂 Fingers crossed 😀

  19. Wonderful pieces to represent James Ng’s artwork. Great giveaway idea.

  20. Every time I see the Imperial Airship I get a new story idea. I love that print so much!

  21. this is beautiful. and I love that it’s not US only ❤

  22. I love his Qing Dynasty take on the genre.

  23. James Ng’s artwork is great and I loved his interview on

  24. Quin

    Excellent artwork!

  25. Stephanie Lewin-Lane

    My husband would love these for his birthday! Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Seriously can’t stop drooling over these posters! They’re beautiful 🙂

  27. cryptotox

    I love this art. Thanks for sharing.