BV4 Giveaway: A Pair of Weekend Passes to TeslaCon 4, the Congress of Steam


Since we’ve always been about international relations, it only makes sense that today’s giveaway comes from TeslaCon 4: The Congress of Steam! The premiere steampunk immersive convention in Madison, WI, is setting its sights globally for its Year Four. The propagator of this event, Lord Bobbins, has been inviting steampunk communities around the world to participate. One of the stated goals is to have a space where people from different communities can talk about what steampunk is like where they are from, and — perhaps — even come to some sort of fandom-wide agreement. That’s pretty ambitious, but whether you want to come for a rousing debate or some cultural exchange, I think that TeslaCon 4 has a lot of potential for being a convention to remember for years to come.

And Lord Bobbins is serious when he says he wants international folks to come — in fact, he’s giving away hundreds of weekend tickets for free to all international attendees. And Beyond Victoriana is lucky enough to grab a pair of tickets to give to one lucky winner. This is a $136 value and a helpful discount for anyone planning on booking a flight to come to the US this November (but anyone inside the 50 states has a chance of winning these too of course!).

Comment on this post before midnight EST on February 19th in order to enter.


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48 responses to “BV4 Giveaway: A Pair of Weekend Passes to TeslaCon 4, the Congress of Steam

  1. Beverly Stuart

    Hello, please enter me in the TeslaCon tix contest. Thanks for publishing such a great blog!

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  3. This terribly exciting! I’ve admired TeslaCon since its inception, and am so excited about the plans for this year. Of course, I should be delighted to attend.

  4. This is wonderful! Kudos to Lord Bobbins! I would love to be a part of TeslaCon and to share my experiences as a Steampunk POC / Steamfunkateer. 🙂

  5. Oh Brilliant, yes please! What a great way to pull Steampunks from all around the world!

  6. Fabulous opportunity, and great blog, btw.

  7. Hannah Tikvah

    Count me in for the contest! I had a great time at Teslacon II but didn’t have the funds for Teslacon III. I’d love to go to Teslacon IV.

  8. Marina

    Teslacon sounds amazing and I would love to go in the near future!

  9. Brittany Costantino

    I haven’t been to Templecon yet. It would be awesome if I get to go though.. Its just a bit expensive cuz I gotta take a plane i think.. I live in Boston. I hear its a really good and fun convention though! A few of my friends went last year and they loved it. 🙂

    • Brittany Costantino

      Oh wow I wrote Templecon sorry. I was half asleep when I wrote that. I just went to that con not long ago too.

  10. An elegant yet witty statement to proclaim my interest in this occurrence.

  11. Would love to give these a good home. Would love to finally experience this!

  12. Kayla F

    This sounds like an amazing experience!! I would love to go and see how the rest of the world steampunks!

  13. Terezi

    I’ve seen a number of pictures from Teslacon and would love to go.

  14. Mark K

    Having been to the most recent Teslacon, I will attest- this is not an event to be missed if you can arrange it. There is an energy, an atmosphere, a vibe to this even tthat is unlike any other convention. It isn’t just unique, it is priceless.

  15. This would be amazing!!! Travel, plus international groups and steampunkers! Count me in! Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂 ❤

  16. Kendra Dawn

    I NEED to be there!!!!

  17. Karen LeMieux Erickson

    I already have my ticket, but would love to share a pair with my steampunk folks Jean Martin and Christopher Erickson in San Jose.

  18. Kim

    We bought our tickets, but I would love to have a pair to give to a friend. We need to introduce Steampunk to more people, and Teslacon would be the most awesome way to do it!

  19. Wow. This would be a great weekend! I’d love to win these!

  20. I would love to be chosen so that I wont be the only one in my family that can go due to the cost of 4 of us wanting to go.

  21. Susan Claire

    I would love to win!

  22. TeslaCon! Man, that would just be the best! My friend Gordon, a fellow puppet builder, always goes to this Con. I would love to win the opportunity to go to such a great Con. This is an amazing blog, thanks for putting such work and passion into it. Kimberly

  23. What a fabulous goal! I think steampunk needs to encourage more worldly participation and celebrate the whole multiculturalism that really came about thanks to the sun never setting on a certain empire! 🙂

  24. allen

    This is great. Thank you for doing this. Fingers crossed I win.

  25. AKS

    I love your blog! I would love to see a lot of people from outside North America at Teslacon this year. 🙂

  26. Only way I will ever get to TeslaCon is to win tickets. So please enter me in the draw for the tickets.

  27. Teslacon is a fantastic convention- There’s a lot of attention paid to detail… something hard to find these days.

  28. Katie

    Count me in! This is awesome, to put it simply.

  29. Oh, that would be lovely!!

  30. Julie Rockhold

    I would love to win tickets to suck some of my friends into the wonderful world of Steampunk. Please enter me into the contest!!

  31. Stephanie Lewin-Lane

    I recently moved across country so I couldn’t afford tickets this year. It would be so great to win them! Thanks!

  32. Randi Sparkman

    Pick Me! I’m Awesome!

  33. mike

    enter me .i need a vacation

  34. Renee Reger-Kelsey

    I think that I may never score
    Tickets to visit Teslacon Four! 😦
    But if I did, then I would be
    Less sad that I missed Teslacon Three.

  35. I would love to win tickets to Teslacon Four I’d come for the weekend from Canada

  36. Jacalyn Green

    The crew of the HMS Persephone would LOVE to put TeslaCon on our docking itinerary again this year! The costume contest needs a “group” category! Thanks Lord B!

  37. William TB Fee

    This would definitely make me visit Wisconsin

  38. Lady Jade Summers

    Comment to enter! I love what you and Teslacon do for steampunk.

  39. Jon Allanson

    Awesome! Thanks for running the contest – would love to win the tix! 🙂

  40. If I could afford to buy tickets for my friend’s family to attend I would. So winning these tickets would be a wonderful way to thank my friend and her family for all they have done for me.

  41. dread-ex

    This will be my first Teslacon, please award me the tickets.

  42. Svenja

    Would love to enter, even if I don’t win. Teslacon is an amazing experience, not to be missed! I’d love to take my sister this year.

  43. Dudeman

    Yes! Count me in!

  44. cryptotox

    This sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the opportunity

  45. James Dean

    Love TeslaCon!!!!! Steam Powered Giraffe is going to be there this year. That band is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! Get your steam on!!!!!!!!

  46. Tony

    I would be honored to win these, my friend just got me into steampunk & he went to TCIII, said it was amazing. IV might be even better!