BV4 Giveaway: Comics Galore! Girl Genius & Battle of Blood and Ink!

GirlGeniusOmnibus The Battle of Blood and Ink

For our final giveaway for the week, two steampunk comics that you should have on your shelves if you don’t already — Girl Genius Omnibus Vol 1: Agatha Awakens and The Battle of Blood and Ink!

This hardcover volume of Girl Genius contains issues 1-10 and has been re-colored and re-lettered to showcase the fan favorite series in all of its glory.

Book Description:

Girl Genius, the multiple Hugo Award–winning steampunk webcomic by Phil and Kaja Foglio, now collected in hardcover!
The Industrial Revolution has become all-out war! Mad Scientists, gifted with the Spark of genius, unleash insane inventions on an unprepared Europe. For centuries, the Heterodyne family of inventors kept the peace, but the last Heterodyne disappeared twenty years ago, leaving their ally Baron Klaus Wulfenbach to maintain order with his fleet of airships and army of unstoppable, if not very bright, Jaeger Monsters.
At Transylvania Polygnostic University, Agatha Clay dreams of being a scientist herself, but her trouble concentrating dooms her to be a lowly minion at best. When her locket, a family heirloom, is stolen, Agatha shows signs of having the Spark in a spectacular, destructive fashion and captures the attention of the Baron—and the Baron’s handsome young son, Gilgamesh.
Swept up to the Baron’s Airship City, Agatha finds herself in the midst of the greatest minds of her generation, as well as palace intrigue, dashing heroes, and an imperial cat. Agatha may be the most brilliant mind of her generation and the key to control of the continent, but first, she just has to survive.

The Battle of Blood and Ink has everything that draws people to the sub-genre: high flying adventure, led by a daring young woman, and of course, the power of the written word to take down corrupt government conspiracies.

Book Description:

If you’re visiting the flying city of Amperstam without the latest printing of The Lurker’s Guide, you might as well be lost. This one-sheet is written, edited, and printed by Ashe, a girl raised on the streets of the flying city, and is dedicated to revealing its hidden treasures and deepest secrets—including many that the overcontrolling government doesn’t want anyone to know. The stakes are raised when Ashe accidentally uncovers the horror of exactly how Amperstam travels among the skies and garners the attention of those who would rather that secret be kept in the hands of the city’s powerful leaders.

Soon Ashe is on the run from thugs and assassins, faced with the choice of imperiling her life just to keep publishing, or giving in to the suggestion of a rich patron that she trade in her voice and identity for a quiet, comfortable life. It’s a war of confusion for Ashe, but one thing is very clear: just because you live in a flying city, you can’t always keep your head in the clouds.

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49 responses to “BV4 Giveaway: Comics Galore! Girl Genius & Battle of Blood and Ink!

  1. I am a HUGE comic book and graphic novel fan. I would LOVE to add these to my collection and dive right into them!!

  2. These are beautiful books – thanks so much for the opportunity!

    alisondeluca (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. Yay! Girl Genius! Always wanted to read, never had the first one.

    Not heard of the other, but sounds awesome.

  4. Andreva

    I would love a copy of Girl Genius and I’ve never heard of the Battle of Blood and Ink before, so I’m sure I’d like to check it out!

  5. steam1912

    I would love to have these!!!

  6. Battle of Blood and Ink is AWESOME and if you don’t win, you should still go check it out! Also, listen to the prequel podcasts at

  7. What wonderful giveaways!! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  8. I’d love to read these!

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  10. saweet! this is awesome!

  11. Beverly Stuart

    Great giveaways! I love Girl Genius.

  12. Cassidy Q.

    Ooh, fun stuff~

  13. Wow those sound great!

  14. Ooo. I’d definitely love to get my hands on the both of these!

  15. I’m already a huge fan of Girl Genius, and I suspect I will soon be one of Blood and Ink (which I have somehow missed hearing about before now). Thanks so much for this opportunity, and for all the other great postings!

  16. Wonderful giveaway and I would love to win Blood and Ink!

  17. Wow, I’ve heard such wonderful things about these, but have never gotten to read them! Would love to win so I’d know what everyone was talking about 😀

  18. David Lewis.

    Classic covers! I wish I could see inside!

  19. I’ve been wanting new reading material – I love Girl Genius and I’d would love to see Blood and Ink!

  20. Terezi

    have always wanted to read Girl Genius & Blood & Ink looks interesting!

  21. Marina

    Want all the comics!

  22. Kieran

    So do you ship outside the US? 😉

  23. Eric

    I have a teenager that would read and reread this until it was a shreded pile of scrap paper!

  24. I’ve never really read graphic novels (in fact, still mistakenly refer to them as comics!) Then at a convention a purveyor of fine printed things was talking about Girl Genius – which I’d seen talked about in posts. He showed me an issue and I thought it was such a COOL idea, drawings, etc…. ! Now I am hooked.

  25. Eric Shibuya

    Always a fan of Foglio. Both of these works look incredible !

  26. I haven’t read either of these, but they both sound awesome! Thanks so much!

  27. Stacy

    I love Girl Genius and can’t wait to start my own collection! And I am very intrigued by the second comic too!

  28. christopher h

    thanks for the chance

  29. Renee G

    These look great.

  30. Stephanie Lewin-Lane

    Wow- I have been wanting to start reading these comix for a while now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. I’m embarrassed to say that I have not yet read Girl Genius. Definitely on my list of comics to check out, and I think I’m gonna have to add The Battle of Blood and Ink (my two favorite liquids).

  32. I love comics/graphic novels, I have such a long list of I Wish to Read… these two are definitely in the top. Would love the opportunity, thank you 😀

  33. Kirsten

    Wahoo! Best give away yet. Girl Genius is one of my favorite web comics and I’ve been craving a book. Haven’t heard of Blood and Ink, but it sounds awesome as well and I will definitely be checking it out!

  34. Stephen Milligan

    I love Girl Genius and would like to try the other title. Good stuff.

  35. K. Nevill

    I am in love with Girl Genius! I’m excited for this opportunity!

  36. I was reading Girl Genius even before I was a steampunk but I must confess I don’t have any of the trade paper backs. And Blood & Ink looks very intriguing too.

  37. Oh, I’ve been wanting that Girl Genius volume for a while! And I’m always looking for new steampunk stuff to read.

  38. Karen

    The Blood and Ink looks shiny. I know that GG is.

  39. Oooh!! Pick me, pick me! 😛

  40. cryptotox

    I love Girl Genius and am intrigued by The Battle of Blood and Ink.

  41. Terry Rowley

    These would be awesome to read. Need something to replace lady mechanica since that one isnt going anywhere right now. I hope I have good luck its my birthday in 8 days =)

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  43. Wow, what a combination! Both of these would be awesome to own.

  44. While I’ve never read Girl Genius, the chance to get the Battle of Blood and Ink is too good to pass up! Totally intrigued by both!

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