“The Legend of Old Smoke” A photo-story by Pavan Krushik

Pavan Krushik, a digital and photographic artist from Bangalore, India, contacted me recently about his latest photo-story “The Legend of Old Smoke.”  As Krushik explains, the story “revolves around the adventures of a Legendary steampunk warrior Cecilia who caught up in the events of a world changing war sparked by the sciences discovered decades earlier.”

The artist also excitedly talks about the inspiration that drew him to the steampunk aesthetic: “The City of Lost Children (La Cité des enfants perdus) by Jean-Pierre Jeunet is the movie which actually made me fall in love with Steampunk genre. I felt an alternate universe and a fictional era like steampunk should really exist in our generation to escape from reality. I was so fascinated and impressed by this movie and started watching every other steampunk-themed number ever since. I have always been intrigued by Steampunk because of its emphasis on Science and Invention. I love this genre for its dynamic feel, industrialization, fashion and technical evolution. I’m a big Sci-fi fan in general. Other movies like Hugo, A Series of Unfortunate Events, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sherlock Holmes, The Golden Compass and many other Victorian-period style numbers also have influenced me so much and not to forget the novels of my favorite writer HG Wells, especially ‘The Time Machine’. I have always enjoyed creating new worlds of my own and Steampunk is one prominent way, and I dare say a very versatile one at that, to express myself. Very suiting for me since I have always been a sucker for the Victorian era. :)”

Enjoy the story below!


It is an age of steam and sorcery. Her name is Cecilia, daughter of a famous scientist in Old Smoke who was killed in a spate of assassinations for his invention of latest steam powered machinery to curb the environmental problems. Now she’s on the brink of fury. She’s not evil, but likes the thrill of revenge.

Little Miska is the ruler of the sky and the last one from ‘The Clockwork Dragon’ dynasty. After her father’s death, Cecilia became the custodian and caretaker of Miska.


Gears greased by detest, Spears tapered with greed, the battle of the Steam Age continues in Old Smoke. Technology took broad control over the people. Hi-Tech robots turned into victors of their own creators. She had to face the destructive power of senseless war machines. It was an unfair combat. But this is what she had been longing for, this is where she would take revenge for the destruction of everything she loved, this is where she would destroy every monster and machine in existence.


As the war wages on, she waits patiently. Her heart is clobbered and bruised, but she never gives up and the vengeance becomes her true companion.


She stood amidst the smells of oil and rust, machines and dusts to fight for her people, to be their Shielder. Enemy in scope surrounds like a swarm. She shows no fright, clashes with all her might and strikes like a thunderstorm.


From field to field she charges full speed ahead, with a heart full of fury and fire in her eyes. Tightens her grip on her companion, and listens to the song it sings. She calls it ‘A SONG OF GLORY’.


The war is over and almost everything in her path has been destroyed. Peace has been restored in Old Smoke. She stands with her head held high with pride and waits for new enemies, and continues to guard the town in the long, cold nights.



Photographer, Post-Production and Stylist : Pavan Krushik
Model : Cecilia Pitre
Makeup/Hair : Atifa
Dress Designer : Patrick’s Bangkok

About the Artist:

Pavan Krushik is a self taught photographic artist from Bangalore, India, who creates imaginative, conceptual, surrealistic and dreamy photographs with the purpose to explore our inner worlds and visualize what can´t be seen.

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  1. Anton Figg

    Are you sure this isn’t a RIFTS photo story?

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  3. Ken Big Train

    I like this very much !