New Publication! Mimicry: A Short Play


Earlier this year, I was invited to submit a creative work for the Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement, and right before WorldCon, I was notified of its publication. Huzzah!  This is the first piece in a very long time that comes back to my playwriting roots before steampunk (gasp) and academia were serious ventures. But it’s still all about queer girls, time travel, and exploring nuances of Asian American identity. A snippet about the piece is below, and you can read the short play online for free!

This short play is inspired by the author’s lived experience as a queer Vietnamese-American woman in academia and in US society. This theatrical piece, centered around two young women meeting for the first time after several years, reflects upon the mutable divergence of shared memory, while also exploring intersectional feminist theory and the Vietnamese-American community. This is also a critique of US-based stereotypes about young Asian-American women, and how social prejudices and microaggressions can result in internalized anti-Asian misogyny. Like the range of identities and life experiences that characters Laurel and Mattie have, the Asian diasporic experience in the United States contains multitudes.


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