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Before Beyond Victoriana
I wrote about steampunk elsewhere before creating this space. All the articles are now settled here; I also included links to where they originally appeared. Some links also appear on the Press & Publications page.

An off-shoot thought from RaceFail ’09: Steampunking Asia Originally posted on MySpace and DW
“From the Wilds of America” – Analyzing the Idea of “British Colonial America” in Steampunk
Originally posted on DW and cross-posted on Racialicious.
Re-envisioning America as Indian Country: An Interview with Steam Century

Past archives for Beyond Victoriana are mirrored on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Both site links are included as well.

The Index
#1 Technology Eastward DW LJ
#2 The Great Nemo Debate DW LJ
#3 Boilerplate: Readdressing the Victorian Era DW LJ
#4 “For Science!” in the Muslim World DW LJ
#5 The Wild, Wild East DW LJ
#6 A Chat About Brazilian Steampunk with Bruno Accioly DW LJ
#7 Yinka Shonibare MBE: Revealing the Transnationality of Culture DW LJ
#8 Captain Sakuragi’s Underwater Warship DW LJ
#9 First Nation Sci-Fi & Technology Resources DW LJ
#10 An Interview with Sunday Driver DW LJ
#11 From One Other to (An)other: Review for Jaclyn Dolamore’s Magic Under Glass DW LJ
#12 Sneak Peek at Steampunk Comic “The Seven” DW LJ
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition: Odds & Ends #1 DW LJ
#13 Black Victoriana and Thensome DW LJ
#14 The Wind-Up Girl —Guest Review by Jaymee Goh DW LJ
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition: Odds & Ends #2 DW LJ
#15 Ghosts and the Machine—A Review of Dan Simmons’ Black Hills DW LJ
#16 Post-Apocalyptic Math Musical! The Hidden Sky DW LJ
#17 The Semantics of Words & the Antics of Fashion: Addressing “Victorientalism” DW LJ
#17.5 Steampunk and Victorientalism Assessed
#18 Transcultural Tradition of the Vietnamese Ao Dai
#19 Lalla Essaydi Speaking Through the Exotic
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition: Odds & Ends #3
#20 Charles Frederick Goldie and his Maori Portraits
#21 Shimmies and Sprockets: Analyzing the Use of Belly Dance in Steampunk
#22 Native Steampunk with Michael RedTurtle: A Personal Essay
#23 Interview with Karin Lowachee, Author of THE GASLIGHT DOGS
#24 African Junk Artist Willie Bester’s Apartheid Laboratory
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition: Odds & Ends #4
#25 Asians in the Americas
#26 Beyond Victoriana at the Steampunk World’s Fair
#26.5 SPWF Reading Resources & Guest Blogger Line-Up!
#27 The Pan-African Movement—Guest Blog by Evangeline Holland
#28 Harun ar-Raschid and the Golden Age of Islam — Guest Blog by Jaymee Goh
#29 Steampunk Hits Book Expo America
#30 Anti-Racism in 19th Century Britain–Guest Blog by Evangeline Holland
#31 Wounded Range, Part 1–Guest Blog by Noah Meernaum
#32 Wounded Range, Part 2–Guest Blog by Noah Meernaum
#33 Riffs into Madness: An Interview with Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition: Odds & Ends #5
#34 Fascinating Women: Dr. Yamei Kin — Guest Blog by Evangeline Holland
#35 “Sometimes They Fight Back” A Book Review — Guest Blog by Kevin Mullins
#36 Celtic World Beats: An Interview with Coyote Run
#37 Technology & the World: Book Review of THE SHOCK OF THE OLD
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition Odds & Ends #6
#38 “Sophie” Speaks–Art from Mary Sibande
#39 Epic Adventures at Dragon*Con & in Salem
#40 The Great Game and Empire in Central Asia, Part 1–Guest Blog by Matt Delman
#41 The Great Game and Empire in Central Asia, Part 2–Guest Blog by Matt Delman
#42 The Great Game and Empire in Central Asia, Part 3–Guest Blog by Matt Delman
#43 Bombing Victoria: A story of Fenian Dynamiters and British Intelligence–Guest Blog by Kevin Mullins
#44 Magic in Post-Apocalyptic Africa: WHO FEARS DEATH Interview with Author Nnedi Okorafor
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition Odds & Ends #7
#45 Building the World of Virtuoso: An Interview with Jon Munger and Krista Brennan
#46 Celebrating Our First Birthday!
#47 Dark Victorian Fairytale Science Fiction: An Interview with Psyche Corporation
#48 Les Sapeurs: Gentlemen of the Congo–Guest Blog by Eccentric Yoruba
#49 Reporting from TeslaCon!
#50 Overcoming the Noble Savage & the Sexy Squaw: Native Steampunk–Guest Blog by Monique Poirier
#51 Fascinating Women: Meta Warrick Fuller–Guest Blog by Evangeline Holland
#52 Reporting from Steamcon II: Weird Weird West
#53 Caribbean Steampunk on a Distant World: A Review of Tobias Buckell’s CRYSTAL RAIN
Beyond Victoriana Special Edition #8
#54 “Even History Seemed Surprised She Should Be Here”– An Interview with Jordan Reyne
#55 International Influences: The Rise of Fashion Designer Guo Pei
#56 Ten Reasons Why Steampunks (And Everyone Else) Should Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender
#57 On Writing: A History of Muslim Steampunk–Guest Blog by Yakoub Islam
#58 Multipart Extentions Round the Collected Graphic Series ROBOTIKA–Guest Blog by Noah Meernaum
#59 Multipart Extensions II, ROBOTIKA: FOR A FEW RUBLES MORE–Guest Blog by Noah Meernaum
#60 Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories — A Roundtable Interview, Part 1
#61 Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories — A Roundtable Interview, Part 2
#62 Cala Mondrago, the Steampunk Oasis–Guest Blog by Akidami Swift with Bianca Namori
#63 Reporting from TempleCon 2011!
#64 Haskalah: the Jewish Enlightenment Movement–Guest Blog by Rachel Landau
#65 “Steampunk” Characters: About Characterization in Jules Verne’s Novels–Guest Blog by Harry Markov
#66 Fascinating Women: Madame C.J. Walker–Guest Blog by Evangeline Holland
#67 Reporting from AnachroCon!
#68 Carla Speed McNeil’s Aboriginal Sci-Fi Graphic Series FINDER: A Review–Guest Blog by Noah Meernaum
#69 Period Film Review Princess Kaʻiulani–Guest Blog by Evangeline Holland
#70 “The West Was Lost” by Beth Aileen Lameman and Myron A. Lameman: A Review
#71 “African Fabrics”: The History of Dutch Wax Prints–Guest Blog by Eccentric Yoruba
#72 Passover Traditions from Jewish Cultures Worldwide–Guest Blog by Rachel Landau
#73 Occupation, Empire & Rebellion: A History of Libya–Guest Blog by Lorenzo Davia
#74 #74 “War, Steampunk, Bulgaria”–Guest Blog by Harry Markov
#75 Cinco de Mayo – Guest Blog by Evangeline Holland
#76 The Life of Malik Ambar, India’s African Ruler–Guest Blog by Eccentric Yoruba
#77 Indian Automaton: Tipu’s Tiger
#78 Fact or Faked: The Travels of Jacob D’Anacona–Guest Blog by Rachel Landau
#79 A Word About Eyepatches: A Personal Essay — Guest Blog by Elsa Sjunneson
#80 Shadi Ghadirian & Muslim Women “Time Travelers”
#81 Ganvié, the “Venice of Africa,” Haven from Slavery–Guest Blog by Eccentric Yoruba
#82 The Birth of Miss Dorothy Winterman: A Personal Essay– Guest Blog by Luisa Ana Fuentes
#83 Enichari Corps: Slaves in the Ottoman Military — Guest Blog by Harry Markov
#84 Walkers & Whales & WWI, Oh My! An Interview with Keith Thompson, Illustrator For the Leviathan Trilogy
#85 Yukio Tani and Sadakazu Uyenishi: Bringing Jujitsu to the West
#86 The Kaifeng Jews–Guest Blog by Historicity (Was Already Taken)
#87 Fascinating Women: Cornelia Sorabji–Guest Blog by Evangeline Holland
#88 Pakistani Fashion Designer Ali Fateh’s “Steampunk Elegance” Collection
#90 The Halcyon Trilogy: Transforming Steampunk –Guest blog by Joseph Robert Lewis
#91 Alonzo Herndon and his Crystal Palace–Guest Blog by Evangeline Holland
#92 Fierce Historical Ladies Empress Dowager Cixi –Guest Blog by Historicity (Was Already Taken)
#93 Narciso Monturiol’s Submarines Ictineo I and II
#94 Luis Senarens, Penny Dreadful Author from Brooklyn–Guest Blog by Miriam Rocek
#95 The Sworn Virgins of Albania–Guest blog by Historicity (Was Already Taken)
#96 The Native Steampunk Art of Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca
#97 The Path Without End: An Anishinaabe Steampunk Film — Guest Blog by Elizabeth Lameman
#98 Musing about Native Steampunk- Guest blog by Monique Poirier
#99 On Jewish Folklore in Steampunk: A Review of Steampunk Torah and Merkabah Rider — Guest Blog by Rachel Landau

Special Features & Series
An index of all the special series that are featured separate from our Sunday updates.

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