“Jamming at the Steampunk Industrial Revolution” — Con Report by Eli August

Image courtesy of G.W. SmithI can only speak from a performers standpoint as to my experience at the Steampunk Industrial Revolution, bear that in mind for all I am going to say. I don’t want to give you the impression that this review will be some kind of elite “behind the scenes” vantage-point of the event, but it totally is! :p

I arrived at the hotel by early afternoon, not long after walking into the lobby I was greeted by several people. The person who stood out most for me was Tony Noto. I believe he was running guest relations. He was friendly and asked me if I needed anything at the moment. He gave me his number right away and told me to contact him if I needed anything at all. It’s the small kindnesses that matter!

As far as organization goes, I felt that the Revolution did a pretty fair job, especially for a first year convention. I would have liked to see some gaps between events, just to give people time to go from one performance to the next panel, but as a whole, no one seemed out of sorts.

I really enjoyed the room with the ship in it. I believe it was called the Bounty. I would like to see them utilize that room more next year, if they should choose to have the convention in the same hotel. A prop that big just added an element of color and flavor that conventions can sometimes lack in regards to scenery.

When it came to the sound checks for my performances, the gentlemen running sound were friendly and helpful. They indulged me when I told them I would like to play on the ship and they made that happen. Whether you are a guest at a convention, or a performer, there are many people that you meet and become acquainted with for short snapshots of time and for my part, I remember those who were most genuine. Thanks to the folks behind the scenes.

I cannot leave out the good people running the performers green room. I have three words for you dear readers- Soda, Tacos, and Soda. They were very pleasant and cooked a great meal for the weary performers and speakers. A good green room is great, especially for performers who may not have a room in the hotel. I have been in that position before, and the green room can be a haven where one can just sit down in a quiet place.

In closing, I had a wonderful time at the Revolution, like everyone else I had my favorite moments and times where I wanted to just lay down in my room and pray there was a Colbert Report marathon on Comedy Central, so I could catch half an episode before diving back into the ocean of people and events that is a convention. The staff took care of me, I enjoyed the panels I went to, and I left curious as to what they would do next year.

Eli August performing. Image courtesy of Jessica Lilley.


Eli August creates music with zeal and energy, focusing on mood, tonality and lyricism. The songwriting mines memories of past regrets and failures to create melancholy aural set pieces that are sincere, passionate and some times dark, but never completely devoid of redemption. You can read more about his music on his website at eliaugust.com.

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