Redfield Designs from the “Across the Universe” Fashion Show at SPWF II

Note: This presentation is adapted from the narration for Kathryn Paterwic’s runway show. You can check out more of her work at Redfield Design.

All photography is provided by Philip Ng (aka Knightmare6). Philip is a cosplay, event, and fashion photographer based in New York City. You can find more of his work at at Knightmare6 Photography and his Flickr.

This man, Lord Phineas Whisp, a well-known explorer for the Crown, has been around the world traveling by train, balloon, and boat. He commissioned this line to show you here at World’s Fair what he has seen in his travels. The only problem is that he will not wear most of it!

Lord Whisp. Photo by Philip Ng

Lord Whisp started his journey heading west, across the ocean. Here is a example of what people wear out west: a farmer wearing a Cavalry shirt with a leather bib. This man can tell stories mostly about his days hunting air Kraken to keep them away from his cattle. Lord Whisp was unaware of what to do when one of these monsters attacked him and might have lost a hand to a very small one if this man was not there to save him.

Western gear. Photo by Philip Ng.

Lord Whisp moved on farther west and ran into this lovely young lady and her crew of mechanical outriders. She’s wearing chaps and her mechanic’s apron, and is ready to ride all day in the heat. This lady caused our hero some big problems, like when she stole all of his bills and traveling letters, making it difficult to leave the country let alone travel the rest of the world. But he found a way…was it legal? Maybe.

One tough mechanical rider. Photo by Philip Ng

Lord Whisp eventually got to the oceans on the far side of the continent. He stowed away on a dirigible, and almost made it safely across until they found him and threw him out over the open ocean. His body washed up near a small village and this man saved his life by finding him and bringing him back from the brink of death. This medicine man caries his cure-alls in a holster at his side, but unfortunately the fair’s staff felt that many of these were too dangerous and had to confiscate them.

Proud of his life-saving skillz. Photo by Philip Ng.

After getting horribly lost in a storm Lord Whisp ended up going north instead of south. He reached a fairly good-sized mining town, where he met this elegant lady. She is the daughter of the mine supervisor, and being a diamond mine they make excellent money, allowing her to afford the finer things in life, like this traditional coat in gold with a matching hat.

Daughter of a rich Russian mine-owner. Photo by Philip Ng.

Lord Whisp got put back on track and traveled on south to the land of curry and gold. He reached a temple in the middle of a large town where he conversed with another lovely lady. Her leather tails are a sign of status he said and showed she was a, translated as, lady of the veil. Member of a sect of assassins, she obviously can’t show you where she hides her weapons but she can reach them if she has to.

Arabian undercover assassin. Photo by Philip Ng.

Moving on toward home he reached the Fertile Crescent and the cradle of civilization. Lord Whisp wished to go south was told that he must take a ship to get to the lower continent. This man is the captain of the vessel called The Kuthar. A large man, he ruled his ship with an iron fist, well, more like a very large gun. Thankfully our hero still had nothing of value to steal, so the passage went very smoothly.

Persian-styled sailor. Photo by Philip Ng.

One of his last destinations was the second largest continent in this world. Through his research our hero found that this continent is far more dangerous than any of the others he had visited, with both natural and man-made dangers. As soon as Lord Whisp hit the dock he found himself a guide the get him home safely or as safe as he could.

African guide. Photo by Philip Ng.

Our hero came back to find this stony personage waiting for him. It is unfortunate, but when our hero finally returned from his long journey, he found a very different country.

Government official. Photo by Philip Ng.

Having left before the take-over and being a very well-known explorer, the new ruling faction thought of him as a deserter and had to take our poor explorer into government custody as a spy for the crown!

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