Submission Guidelines

Beyond Victoriana welcomes submissions for guest posts and proposals for regular guest contributors.  I’m open to consider reviews, articles, personal essays, art & illustration, and photography that showcases multicultural steampunk. You can contribute in two ways:

– Have your work hosted on this blog only
– Have your work cross-posted to this blog, with a link back to the original site.

All submissions must follow these requirements.

  1. They must adhere to the Mission Statement for Beyond Victoriana.
  2. Any written work is for non-fiction only, although links for fictional works will be accepted for linkspams. Submissions must have a minimum of 500 words but there is no maximum length. Any written work must also be edited for decent grammar and spelling.
  3. Any images or art can be submitted via email attachment as a screen-resolution JPEG (at least 72 dpi), or via URL link.
  4. Any submitted work will be published according to the blog’s current posting schedule (every Sunday for new essays). Depending on the length, one essay will be published in full per week; longer submissions may be divided into several parts for posting. Several art & illustrations may be grouped together into one post, unless it is several examples from one submission.
  5. If you are interested in writing something specifically for Beyond Victoriana, submit your proposal and if it works for the blog, we will work together through the writing and editing process. All work must be completed one week before your scheduled posting date. Copyright for all submissions remains with the contributor, and all contributors are free to post their submissions elsewhere.
  6. There is no compensation for any work cross-posted to or written for Beyond Victoriana. This blog is a volunteer effort on the part of its maintainers and contributors, but we greatly respect and value the time and effort people offer to write for this venue.

All submissions should be sent to my email address at attic [dot] hermit [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll try to respond to all inquires promptly, barring my real life schedule.

Submission guidelines updated January 3, 2017. These may be subject to change.