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Cross-posting Partnership with Xerposa

Now that graduation has happened, I can take a break from academia for awhile, and you’ll start seeing more new content here (yay!). Also, it’s my pleasure to announce a new cross-posting partnership. As you may already know, this blog already shares a cross-posting partnership with the race & pop culture blog Racialicious. In addition, a selection of Beyond Victoriana‘s articles will also be featured on Xerposa, the newest steampunk news resource site.  And what are they all about? Well, in their words–

Xerposa is the blog that gives steampunk fans what they need – a place that gathers fashion, art, literature, and the latest genre-appropriate costumes and gadgets all in one place. Our articles feature the newest up-and-coming movers and shakers in steampunk, as well as the latest in gear, clothing, games, bands, and electronics. Read More.

So feel free to check out their content, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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Rising Phoenix Raises over $1000!

Hurrah! Button Me Up co-owner Morgan Payne was featured in the international Japanese-English newspaper Mainichi Weekly for our Rising Phoenix fundraiser work. Click to read the article.

Over the past several months, if you had met me or my business partners at Button Me Up or any of Beyond Victoriana’s allies at any steampunk event, you probably already heard about the Rising Phoenix Fund for Shelterbox. (If not, read the announcement here.) Our goal in March 2011 was to raise $1000 dollars for Shelterbox by the end of Labor Day weekend, and I’m proud to announce that we have reached our goal.

As of today, we have raised $1037!

But what does that mean for the fundraiser?

We’re going to continue on.

Disasters don’t stop when a fundraiser ends, and considering the current tornado disasters in the southern and New England areas of the US recently, first-responder organizations like Shelterbox are important to help those in need immediately.  Thus, they are also in constant need of support.

So Button Me Up and Beyond Victoriana have decided to raise our fundraising goal to $3000 by the end of Labor Day Weekend.

Click after the jump for more info about how you can help meet our goal.

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May Updates & the Convention Extravaganza Series

I’ll be here this weekend. Will you?

This May is packed to bursting. I knew it’d be a whirlwind of acitivity coming in, I just never realized how jet-lagged I’d be along the way! Top that with some Major Life Changes at the moment, current fundraising excitement, and yeah, I’ll just hide away with my netbook and blog KTHXBAI.

Much gratitude goes out to the folks at Aetherfest in San Antonio, TX for their kindness and enthusiasm. Extra kudos go out to the con chairs Pablo Vazquez and Cameron Hare for their dedicated attentiveness that they showed to all of their guests and attendees, especially when Lucretia and I struggled with some last-minute travel issues at the con.

Also, much love goes out to my friends up north at the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition . Jaymee gave our presentation Steampunk Around the World: Steampunk Beyond Victoriana its international debut at the convention, and reported to me that it was a smashing success.

So a big “Hurrah & Salutations!” to all our new followers (and old ones!) that we’ve met at these events.

But what does our touring mean for the blog? To highlight the explosion of conventions, both steam-friendly and steampunk, we’re going to run a short series and feature some guest reports from these events.

Starting May 13th, Beyond Victoriana will run the Convention Extravaganza, a six-week special feature that will be giving special reports from assorted guest bloggers from several recent and upcoming conventions, including Nova Albion, Steampunk Industrial Revolution, Aetherfest, International Steampunk City, Steampunk World’s Fair and WisCon.

And also, in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month last year, I wrote about Asians in the Americas. This year, we’re focusing on Asian Identities, Crossing Boundaries, a series that will update every Tuesday this month starting May 10th. How do Asian nationals and the Asian-identified diaspora embrace their identity in a globalizing world? How does modernity affect changes in fashion, culture, art & society? Each piece in this series will present modern and historical examples of how the cliche “East Meets West” can get turned on its head and explored inside-out. And oh yeah, still be steampunky too.

And, to end, a brief note about my panel schedule for this weekend’s International Steampunk City, for those who want to stop by and say hello:

at the Waltham Library, 735 Main Street, Waltham, MA 02451

2 PM Book signing for The Steampunk Bible (Guest panelist)

3 PM Corsets, Goggles & Empowerment: Women & Steampunk (supporting my good friend & host speaker Katherine Moseley)

4 PM Historical Accuracy in Steampunk (Guest panelist)


1 PM Steampunk Around the World: Steampunk Beyond Victoriana (Presenter)

Outside of these panels, you’ll most likely find me acting with saucy puppets, or getting drunk in a bar with good friends.

Hope to see you there!


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Steampunk Stylin’ at The Way Station & New Convention Announcements

A quick update about the plethora of events & conventions coming up.

In cooperation with the newly-opened Way Station in Brooklyn, we’re celebrating this new addition to the NYC steampunk community on Sunday, March 13th from 6-10 PM.

We’ll be having steampunk book giveaways, vending from Dorothy Winterman, live performances from Psyche Corporation, Eli August, Painless Parker, and MUCH more.

Not only that, but the lovely gents from BBC international will be joining us! They are filming a story about steampunk. So we hope to feature the variety that our community has to offer. We hope you’ll be able to join us!

RSVP on Facebook
RSVP on Meetup.com
RSVP on The Steampunk Empire

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TempleCon News, Shorty Awards, February Special Features

Only one more week until TempleCon! I’m scrambling to get my panels ready and will be there with The Wandering Legion of the Thomas Tew. TempleCon has a special place in my heart, particularly because it was there that the co-chair Madame Ximon suggested that I turn Beyond Victoriana into a presentation panel. It was talking with her that planted the idea in my head to start speaking specifically about steampunk & social issues at conventions. And so, after a year touring the country speaking about these topics, it’s really great to come back to the place that inspired it all.

See below for panels & events I will be hosting/attending:

Steam Around the World: Steampunk Beyond Victoriana
Saturday, February 5th, 3-4:30pm Convention Suite 2 – Rm. #632

Retro-Futurists’ Fashion Show
Saturday, February 5th, noon-1pm The Rotunda
Modeling for Festooned Butterfly

“What’s So Feminist About Steampunk?” hosted by Jocelyn Stengel Ahern
Saturday, February 5th, 1pm-2pm Convention Suite 2 – Room #632

Steampunk Photo Shoot with The Wandering Legion of the Thomas Tew
Saturday, February 5th, 2pm-3pm The Rotunda

Envisioning a Better Steam Society: Social Issues & Steampunk
Sunday, February 6th, 1-2:30pm Convention Suite 1 – Rm. #637
Featuring guest panelists Leanna Renee Hieber, Lucretia Dearfour, Monqiue Poirier, and Samara Martin.

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A 2010 Retrospective & Ringing in the New Year with New Features

2010 has been a momentous year, both blog-wise and in general steampunk-wise. Looking back, a lot of amazing things happened: I attended dozens of cons and steampunk events, corresponded with many interesting and smart steampunks, won an award, and got a cool side job. I’ve worked with a growing network of steampunk hobbyists, academics, tinkerers, activists, and costumers. Many of these people I now consider friends of the blog and in real life as well. Because of efforts from everyone here, Beyond Victoriana has been recognized and signal boosted by many different sites and folks across the steampunk community & the general SF/F community around the world– including The Steampunk Workshop, Steampunk Magazine, The Steampunk Tribune, The Steampunk Scholar, Silver Goggles, Edwardian Promenade, Dru Pagliassotti, Jeff Vandermeer, Scott Westerfeld, Bruce Sterling, Racialicious, Tor.com, SFSignal, Bibliophile Stalker, Free the Princess, Leanne Renee Hieber, The Steampunk Librarian, Overbury Ink, Doc Fantastique’s Show of Wonders, Airship Ambassador, World SF News Blog, Steampunk Conselho, and Clockworker.de.

Maintaining this blog has been extremely busy for me, and it couldn’t have been the success it is without YOU: the readers and the contributors. At the beginning of 2010, what started off as a personal project has grown to become a community venture, and it wouldn’t have happened without the numerous volunteer writers, reporters, and photographers who have helped me out. I feel like a broken record of saying this all the time to people, but that’s because THIS is what multiculturalism means to me: it isn’t just one person standing on a soapbox spewing encyclopedic facts, but a community of people interested in sharing their intellectual and artistic knowledge and personal experiences. I recently read an interview with Maegan la Mala Ortiz, Managing Editor and Co-Publisher of Vivirlatino, who said something that had really struck a chord:

Diversity has become such a buzzword almost to the point of meaninglessness. Diversity is not about holding hands to cover up difference. It is about acknowledging how difference works, good and bad and how we can build across not through or over difference.

That has always been the mission behind Beyond Victoriana: we are not simply celebrating, but also debating, confronting, and discovering through critical listening and learning. Because to post up content without context is equal to empty hand-holding. We’re not talking about historical facts alone, but how these facts shouldn’t be separated from how they affect our lives today. And it’s about time we did more than hold hands, but raise them up. Together.

That being said, the content for 2011 kicks off with some great news.

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Presenting VAPORPUNK, Tor.com Steampunk, New Layout & More

I’ve been working on major developments with the blog as of late, the first being the website’s new layout (if you’re reading this site via RSS feed, you might want to take a look at the shininess; yeah, I’m a bit proud of this revamped look. ^_^)

More exciting, though, is that Beyond Victoriana‘s content will take a dip into fiction. As a rule, I don’t accept fiction submissions to post on the site, but this is a very special case.  In cooperation with Tachyon Publishing, Beyond Victoriana is hosting translated excerpts from the Brazilian anthology VAPORPUNK.  You may have read Fabio Fernandes’ review of the anthology during Tor’s Steampunk Fortnight, but here is the only place on the internet where you’ll be able to read teasers in English from this anthology. Click on the nifty icon on the website sidebar to read more (or you can click on the cover below.)

Click to read excerpts from VAPORPUNK.

This hasn’t been the only steampunk venture I’ve been working on. I’ve also joined Tor.com’s expanding online family by running Tor.com-Steampunk on Facebook & Twitter.  I’m proud to be working with Tor’s awesome social media team: Amanda Rutter (Tor.com), Tor Art Director Irene Gallo (Tor.com Art), Aidan Moher of A Dribble of Ink (Tor.com Fantasy), and Mark Chitty of Walker of Worlds (Tor.com Science Fiction).

Follow Tor.com Steampunk on Facebook

So, even if you have steampunk stuff that may not be relevant to Beyond Victoriana, it could still be featured on Tor.com-Steampunk.

In other news, there have been interviews abound! NerdCaliber spoke with me during Another Anime Con back in October about the steampunk phenomenon along with members of The Wandering Legion, and I’ve been featured in Brooklyn Exposed about Brooklyn Indie Mart’s Steampunk Day.  The podcast Salon Futura also recently came out with their steampunk episode.  Jeff Vandermeer, Karin Lowachee, and Lavie Tidhar all discuss “Steampunk Without Empire” — and share thoughts about post-colonial steampunk (along with namedropping this site). I also recommend reading John McClarmont’s review/essay about Fire In The Stone, on Salon Futura, which also addresses the question of historical nostalgia and how it relates to today’s current culture.

And confirmations for 2011 conventions are now rolling in. In March 2011, I’ll be reunited with my comrade-in-academia, Jha Goh of Silver Goggles at Nova Albion 2011. The convention’s theme is “Wild, Wild East” and both of us will be presenting our panels on social issues & steampunk.  But not only will be we there, but so will James Ng! And Cherie Priest! And Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet! And many more incredible folks.

If you’re stuck on the US East Coast, though, then I recommend you attend the Steampunk Industrial Revolution happening that same weekend in Nashua, New Hampshire. I deeply regret that I won’t be there to support my New England steampunk friends, but from what I’ve been hearing about this convention, I guarantee that it will change your life. So go and register NOW.

In April 2011, I’ll also be attending Anime Boston as staff. This is actually the only con where I’m not planning to do anything steampunk… unless they ask. Stay tuned.

Also, Steampunk World’s Fair has also been gracious enough to offer Jha and I a return to New Jersey in May 2011. So we’ll be premiering NEW panels there… more info about those to come.


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Beyond Victoriana–Winner of the Last Drink Bird Head Award 2010 for Gentle Advocacy!

You can read the official announcement from Jeff here, along with my acceptance speech.

Wow, I’m floored.

This is an awesome birthday gift for the blog.

And it’s all because of terrific people like you who respond, think, contribute, and support this blog and its mission.

Major congrats also go out to the other winners this year:

Tireless Energy
In recognition of individuals who selflessly give of themselves for worthy causes, websites, or organizations…

Winner: Leslie Howle (for Clarion West and Hugo House activities)

Promotion of Reading
In recognition of individuals whose efforts contribute to the promotion of reading or an increase in reading proficiency…

Winner: Colleen Cahill (for Library of Congress work as a genre fiction advocate and as the library’s representative to the ALA)

Expanding Our Vocabulary
In recognition of writers whose nonfiction, through reviews, blogging, and/or essays, exposes readers to new words and, often, new ideas…

Winner: Matthew Cheney

International Activism
In recognition of those who work to bring writers from other literary traditions and countries to the attention of readers in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia…

Winner: Lavie Tidhar (for The World SF Blog)


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#46 Celebrating Our First Birthday!

One short year ago, Beyond Victoriana made its first blog post on a wee Dreamwidth journal.

And what a year it’s been since. To mark our first anniversary, let’s take a moment to review the wide range of content this blog has produced (oh yes, I’m celebratin’ with a LINKSPAM.)

And cake. Yummy, yummy gear cake…

How about this one? Image courtesy of Venus Cakes. Click for link.

Over the past year, we tackled a variety of topics, spanning art, theater, music, fashion, history, literature, science & technology.

Steampunks from around the world have also popped up on this site: Bruno Accioly on Brazilian Steampunk; Jha Goh, our Malaysian “postcolonialist steampunk” and friend of the blog; Michael RedTurtle for an American Native perspective, and the UK band Sunday Driver stopped by for a chat.

On the science & tech front, we covered technology from the East, in the Muslim World, and for First Nations.

The arts have also been spotlighted here, with works from historical artists (like Charles Frederick Goldie) to modern artists (like Yinka Shonibare MBE, Lalla Essaydi, Willie Bester, and Mary Sibande). Webcomics like The Seven and Virtuoso have been featured.  For literature, the books that take steampunk to new locations and realms of thought were highlighted, such as Boilerplate, Magic Under Glass, Black Hills, The Shock of the Old, Little Bighorn and Isandlwana: Kindred Fights, Kindred Follies. Award-winning authors Karin Lowachee and Nnedi Okorafor were interviewed.

And as steampunk music is still being established, we’ve talked with several artists who each bring their own unique style to the table: from Sunday Driver to Coyote Run to Emperor Norton’s Stationery Marching Band.

Multicultural and obscure histories have also been covered, from the record of Asians in the Americas, to Noah Meernaum’s survey on representation in Weird West, Kevin Mullins’ work on Fernian bombers, Evangeline Holland’s posts on race and women, and Matt Delman’s historical epic of the Great Game.

And of course, there have been several articles and linkspams which featured new ideas, writers, thinkers, creators, movers and shakers in the growing steampunk community.

Overall, not bad for the first year.

What can we expect in the coming one? More diverse interviews, analysis, pictures, and articles of course!

Several major projects are in the works for Beyond Victoriana, which we hope to unveil later this fall. More importantly, though, here is what we’re looking for now:

That’s right– take a word from Uncle Sam Abe Lincoln and consider what you can contribute to make this blog the best thing ever. Are you a writer, performer, artist, cosplayer, academic, tinkerer? Do you have an opinion, a story, a book review or outfit you want to talk about? Do you go to conventions and like taking pictures or writing about them?

Then consider hosting your work here!

Beyond Victoriana has had an amazingly successful year because of the wide range of voices present on this site.  And we want yours too.

We are looking for guest posters, regular contributors, and potential interviews. In particular, we are also looking for reporters to cover the array of upcoming conventions & events. Immediate help is needed for TeslaCon & SteamCon II coverage, but we are also interested in covering future cons throughout 2011.

People from all backgrounds are open for consideration. Previous journalism or blogging experience a plus. If you’re interested, please drop an email to attic [dot] hermit [at] gmail [dot] com.

And of course, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone in the community who have stopped by, e-mailed, blogged, linked, or talked up Beyond Victoriana in the last twelve months. We’re one year–and 21,000+ hits– in and more ready than ever for Year Two.


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Beyond Victoriana Special Edition: Odds & Ends #3

I’ll be at ICON in Long Island this weekend and so I’ll be leaving a few tidbits for you to munch on while I’m out (by the way, my con schedule is easily traceable).

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