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Presenting VAPORPUNK, Tor.com Steampunk, New Layout & More

I’ve been working on major developments with the blog as of late, the first being the website’s new layout (if you’re reading this site via RSS feed, you might want to take a look at the shininess; yeah, I’m a bit proud of this revamped look. ^_^)

More exciting, though, is that Beyond Victoriana‘s content will take a dip into fiction. As a rule, I don’t accept fiction submissions to post on the site, but this is a very special case.  In cooperation with Tachyon Publishing, Beyond Victoriana is hosting translated excerpts from the Brazilian anthology VAPORPUNK.  You may have read Fabio Fernandes’ review of the anthology during Tor’s Steampunk Fortnight, but here is the only place on the internet where you’ll be able to read teasers in English from this anthology. Click on the nifty icon on the website sidebar to read more (or you can click on the cover below.)

Click to read excerpts from VAPORPUNK.

This hasn’t been the only steampunk venture I’ve been working on. I’ve also joined Tor.com’s expanding online family by running Tor.com-Steampunk on Facebook & Twitter.  I’m proud to be working with Tor’s awesome social media team: Amanda Rutter (Tor.com), Tor Art Director Irene Gallo (Tor.com Art), Aidan Moher of A Dribble of Ink (Tor.com Fantasy), and Mark Chitty of Walker of Worlds (Tor.com Science Fiction).

Follow Tor.com Steampunk on Facebook

So, even if you have steampunk stuff that may not be relevant to Beyond Victoriana, it could still be featured on Tor.com-Steampunk.

In other news, there have been interviews abound! NerdCaliber spoke with me during Another Anime Con back in October about the steampunk phenomenon along with members of The Wandering Legion, and I’ve been featured in Brooklyn Exposed about Brooklyn Indie Mart’s Steampunk Day.  The podcast Salon Futura also recently came out with their steampunk episode.  Jeff Vandermeer, Karin Lowachee, and Lavie Tidhar all discuss “Steampunk Without Empire” — and share thoughts about post-colonial steampunk (along with namedropping this site). I also recommend reading John McClarmont’s review/essay about Fire In The Stone, on Salon Futura, which also addresses the question of historical nostalgia and how it relates to today’s current culture.

And confirmations for 2011 conventions are now rolling in. In March 2011, I’ll be reunited with my comrade-in-academia, Jha Goh of Silver Goggles at Nova Albion 2011. The convention’s theme is “Wild, Wild East” and both of us will be presenting our panels on social issues & steampunk.  But not only will be we there, but so will James Ng! And Cherie Priest! And Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet! And many more incredible folks.

If you’re stuck on the US East Coast, though, then I recommend you attend the Steampunk Industrial Revolution happening that same weekend in Nashua, New Hampshire. I deeply regret that I won’t be there to support my New England steampunk friends, but from what I’ve been hearing about this convention, I guarantee that it will change your life. So go and register NOW.

In April 2011, I’ll also be attending Anime Boston as staff. This is actually the only con where I’m not planning to do anything steampunk… unless they ask. Stay tuned.

Also, Steampunk World’s Fair has also been gracious enough to offer Jha and I a return to New Jersey in May 2011. So we’ll be premiering NEW panels there… more info about those to come.


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