Welcome to the Rising Phoenix Circle

Congrats everyone!

As of October 16th, 2011, we reached over our fundraising goal to raise

You can continue to show your support by donating directly to Shelterbox.

Past information:

Starting in March 2011, Beyond Victoriana and Button Me Up on Etsy are working together to raise money for Shelterbox, an international aid organization bringing relief to the survivors of the Japanese earthquake & tsunami disaster that occurred on March 11th. Our goal is to raise at least $3000 during Beyond Victoriana’s “convention season” between March 21st, 2011, and October 16th, 2011.

You can read our initial announcement here for more information.

Rising Phoenix Donation Page (goal completed)

In gratitude, we’d like to give our heartfelt thanks those who have participated by welcoming them into the Rising Phoenix Circle. Having your name featured here is entirely optional with your donation, and many have chosen to contribute anonymously.  We are glad, however, to create this space to welcome folks who have supported our cause.

If you have already donated to this fundraiser and would like to see your name listed here (or accidentally had your name listed and would like to remain anonymous), please contact Ay-leen the Peacemaker at attic [dot] hermit [at] gmail [dot] com.

Rising Phoenix Participants
The Anachronism NYC, sponsored by Jeff Mach
Adam J Cohen
Alison Bogy
Andrea Hairston
Andrew Reed
Arthur C Gagnon
Ashley Lauren Rogers
Astra Kim
Austin Turner
Azkadelia Hattress
Bartosz Szczyriorski
Brandi R Bullock
Bryan Thao Worra
Catherine Siemann
Celia Marsh
Christine Bazant
CJ Henderson
Daniel Holzman-Tweed
Danielle Devereaux
Dennis Ebacher
Darya Phung
Dorothy Winterman
E Silva
Elyssa Bidwell
Gail Bailey
Genevieve Lopez
Great New England Steampunk Exhibition
Henry Kramer
Itzel Domingoez
Jack Rose
Jacob Burgess
Jada Thomas
Jacqueline Delisle
James Ng
Janus Zarate
Jen Cook
Jennifer Bealer
Jennifer Klettke
Jessie Ullett
Joe Fernandez
Jonah Goverman
Joshua Nach
Juliette Capra
Julius C Maramba
Kaja Foglio
Katie Hockin
Kathleen Powell
Kathy Moon
Keith M. Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Kyle Chelius
Kayte Moseley
Kim Pho
Lana Guggenheim
Laura Bogart
Leah Ambrosino
Liam Hefferman
Lisa Wadhams
Luveday Tyreman
Maria Simon
Marianne Kirby
Martha Swetoff
Mary Holzman-Tweed
Mary Prince
M.D. Wheeler
Melissa Honig
The ModVic House (with Bruce & Melanie Rosenbaum)
Moondancer Drake
Noam Berg
Orli Nativ
Palmina Squillace
Philippa Ballantine
Rachel Klingberg
Randy Mosiondz
Rose J W Phillips-Kirkwood
Samara Martin
Samuel Sobek
Sarah Cornell
Sarah Kastner
Sarah Sullivan
Sheyne Fleischer
Sky Capt Gannon
Sonya Meade
Stephanie Kohan
Tanya Depass
William Ansley
Zach Hallford